'Fragments of Infinity' is a series of illustrations depicting an extraordinary fantasy world containing ginormous treehouse villages, walking tree creatures, and other things that instil a sense of bewilderment and escapism.
Most works start with some form of graphite rendering, followed by a mix of digital and traditional painting. Prompt engineering is then used to blend additional details using an AI model trained on previous original artworks by 1984drum.

Treople House 4 Remix (2022)

Floating Emerald Islands

Treehouse Village Version One (middle area zoom crop)

How is Latent Space used in these artworks?
Latent space is an abstract multi-dimensional space containing feature values that cannot be directly interpreted. Instead, Latent Space encodes a meaningful internal representation of externally observed events.
Humans generally have an understanding of a wide range of topics and the events belonging to those topics. The aim of Latent Space is to provide a similar understanding to a computer through quantitative spatial modelling.
Using a range of Machine Learning text-to-image models, 1984drum uses experimental prompt engineering to produce desired results on multiple layers using sketches and digitally-painted guide images as a starting point. These layers are composited together, along with the traditional work, to create the finished work.
Treehouse Village Version One
Original Resolution: 5120 X 3072 px
Tools Used: Graphite, paper, PhotoShop, Python, DD, Jax

Treehouse Village Version One (top quarter crop)

Castles In The Sky Version One

Treehouse Village Version Two

Floating Island In Mystic Space

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